Neelam is involved in a number of groups and associations.

Cysters Womens Support and Awareness Group – Founder

Neelam founded Cysters in 2015.

Cysters  is a confidential and non-judgemental forum for women suffering with Gynaecological problems and endocrine disorders. More information can be found on

Law Society Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – Committee / Board Member 

Neelam is passionate about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. She has a 3 year term on the board and wishes to strive to promote equal access to law for those in the BME Community, as well as continuing safe guarding those already practising.

Part of her responsibilities are to work with the board and advise the Law Society Council on matters of equality diversity and inclusion.

The board also set the framework for diversity issues ensuring a coordinated approach to diversity work.

Royal Metropolitan College of Policing – Equality and Diversity Board Member for the 

Neelam was asked to join this board due to her passion for Equality and Diversity and strong approach to these subject matters.

The board discuss and agree a way of implementing a system to ensure that applicants from all ethnicity, age groups, disabilities, and gender are treated equally and fairly when making an application to join the Metropolitan Police.

NSPCC Birmingham – Business Board Member

Neelam is currently working on projects to bring the NSPCC further into the BME Community in Birmingham.

Neelam has noted that there is lack of knowledge relating to the work that the NSPCC do within the BME community.

Neelam has used this link to bridge a link with the local BME to run workshops on Online Child Safety and has also Interviewed Dame Esther Rantzen for the BME Community.

Columnist at Eastern Eye (London), The Asian Today & The Phoenix (Birmingham

Neelam is also a Columnist for the above newspaper publications.

Neelam has written numerous articles covering a range of topics, such as Interviewing Dame Esther Rantzen, Interviewing International Artist Ali Jacko, Legal Articles and a weekly Asian Events Column.