PCOS is more than a problem with fertility

After a lot of searching and several doctors later, I was finally diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome at the age of 29. PCOS is more than a problem with fertility, it is a chronic endocrine disorder. Symptoms may include weight gain, excess facial and body hair, acne, cysts on inner thighs and armpits, male pattern baldness, skin tags, thickened darkened skin on the neck and of course missing or absent periods and multiple cysts which are in fact immature follicles on the ovary. The cause of PCOS is unknown but it does appear to run in families. Many of the symptoms are thought to be caused by excess insulin and/or testosterone in the body. Symptoms vary greatly among women.

My journey has been full of ups and downs but rather than dwell on the past, I want to give my best advice to other women with PCOS in the hope that their journey will be different. The best thing I did for myself was to take control of my own health care. Be your own advocate for your health. Find out as much as you can about the treatments that are available and research everything thoroughly until you find what works for you. Question everything and everyone. Many people purport to be experts in PCOS but I’ve met very few and some have been a costly waste of time. Educate yourself about the symptoms, experiment with treatments that you know are safe and that could work for you. Having PCOS can increase your risk of developing other long-term conditions so seek help and advice early so you can help minimise those risks.

It has not been easy but I have spent a lot of time hating my body and blaming myself for my illness. Now it’s a different story. I love my PCOS body. I listen to my body, nourish it and take the very best care of it. Connect with other women who share their experiences and help them too. No one should have to face PCOS alone and we are in this together.


Promise not to stare

Promise not to stare when you see a sprouting hair, Somewhere it is not supposed to be

Promise not to stare and judge me by my size I’m not a lazy person, is that a surprise?

Promise not to stare at my tags and spotted skin PCOS is a disease that comes from within

Promise not to stare at my fading crown of glory You see PCOS is a complicated story

Promise not to stare at the grimace on my face I suffer pain in silence, some days I cannot keep pace

Promise not to stare and question my family plans It may not be that easy, it may be out of my hands

Promise not to stare if I’m feeling ratty or blue Some days I just don’t know what to do

Promise not to stare and think it is all imagined PCOS is real and we often feel abandoned.

Promise not to stare but give instead a smile Offer some support and go the extra mile

© Mo de Bonnet, 2015