Our Services

Cysters is a self help group for women with reproductive health issues. It also provides an outlet for women who want to speak with other like minded women who are going through similar issues. The group was established in 2016 to help improve the lives of these women by offering a supportive network to share, collaborate and inspire each other. Cysters cannot offer specific medical advice, and we will recommend that you seek professional medical advice in relation to any issues you may have.

We offer a 2 monthly support group in the midlands, giving other women a chance to meet one another. We also try to raise awareness within the community by talking openly about the gender inequalities surrounding reproductive health.

Support & Awareness
Here for You
Keep yourself well informed of the issues surrounding reproductive health.Join our lively twitter debates where we discuss reproductive health,every Tuesday from 7 – 8pm
Mental Health & Wellbeing

Supporting You
Reproductive Health, the daily pain and emotional upheaval is a strain for even the strongest women.Our peer support and friendly Cysters are here to support you every step of the way.
Physical & Lifestyle

A Happier, Healthier You
Supporting you with knowledgeable choices surrounding Nutrition, Diet and making Lifestyle changes that can support your reproductive health.
Gender Equality & Social Issues

Changing the world for You
Cysters aim to reduce the cultural barriers, tackle exclusion issues and ensure equality for all irrespective of their access to information or health awareness.
We find there are cultural barriers due to societal & gender inequalities. Pain associated with reproductive health has become normalised, leaving many women embarrassed to openly speak