What is Cysters

Cysters is a self help group for women with reproductive health issues. It also provides an outlet for women who want to speak with other like minded women who are going through similar issues.

The group was established in 2016 to help improve the lives of these women by offering a supportive network to share, collaborate and inspire each other.

Cysters cannot offer specific medical advice, and we will recommend that you seek professional medical advice in relation to any issues you may have.

We offer a 2 monthly support group in the midlands, giving other women a chance to meet one another. We also try to raise awareness within the community by talking openly about the gender inequalities surrounding reproductive health. 

Meet Our Trustees

We are a charity run by a committed Board of Volunteer Trustees which oversee the management and development of the charity.

Trustees are all volunteers and are dedicated to ensure Cysters meets its charitable aims and objectives.

The Trustees are not medically qualified but are passionate about creating awareness and supporting those effected with reproductive health issues.

Being a Trustee can be demanding but the rewards are enormous. It is a great feeling knowing you are helping to improve the lives of thousands of women.

In the absence of staff, the board of Trustees also take the responsibility for the day to day running of the charity which is a huge responsibility.

Neelam Heera

Founder and Chair of Trustees

Pat Wright


Faye Van Heeren


Sukhdeep Nijjar


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Welcome to the Cysterhood

We are a grassroots community organisation dedicated to improving the health, education, human welfare, and opportunities for women living with reproductive health problems.

Mission Statement
“We will support women with their reproductive health and well being. We will achieve this by providing a safe and confidential space for women to access advice and support, whilst educating the community about reproductive health.”

We want too
​Educate the public about reproductive health
Support women with their diagnosis, empowering them to make informed choices about their health
Encourage and support research into these issues
Challenge the societal and cultural norms surrounding reproductive health